I'm coming home from another successful bike ride. It's Monday night and I'm on the 9:30 pm Sound Transit going South. The muscles in my inner thighs are aching from the last hill ride we all took. Exhilerating to have the rush of something stiff and cold between your legs and commanding your legs to … Continue reading No

Heart Attack

The thing is, When you have a death dream, You wake up, You are yanked from the exact moment when The car hits the water, The split second before Metal arms wrap themselves neatly In a tight cocoon Where you are grasping for air Then you are yanked before the jaws swallow you up whole, … Continue reading Heart Attack

The Gods Must Be Crazy (to my friend Sarah Leyrer)

I remember our brief time together, Sharing yet another bike adventures, Whooping glorious to the sun, The sky, To Mother Earth, And to the magic of avocados. Your go-to-food, I forgot to ask you, Did you ever watch that movie? You know, that one with the obscure reference of the Coca Cola bottle dropping to … Continue reading The Gods Must Be Crazy (to my friend Sarah Leyrer)


To those out there exposing their hearts on this day, I give you some considerations to take, Valentine is but one day out of the year, Consider the courage to expose your heart to someone near and dear, 364 days out of the year, This brutal expression of love whether forlorn or not, is but … Continue reading Valentine