Medusa Song

Snake Woman

you are wrapped around your tree,

and I am in search for you,

in the middle of a deserted court-yard,

you are hiding among the branches,

only your tongue flickers out where I can see you,

Snake Woman,

you have called me from my peaceful sleep,

you have lured me with promises sensuality,

and embracing you between the branches,

I can imagine you are there,

my Snake Woman,

in the middle of a deserted court-yard,

you are seeking me out and

I am along standing on the other side of the

chain link fence,

Where are you?

Your sister Medusa,

teach you to be careful,

you are indeed unique,

half snake,

twisting coil of serpentine,

glistening green skin,

half woman,

sensual, soft, two full breasts

poke out from covered leaves,

only your arms give you away,

calling me with

slow, Hawaiian-style circles,

I have spotted you once,

a long time ago,

encased behind a glass cage,

a grotesque scientific experiment,

your eyes plead with me:

Save Me.


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