The Adam and Eve Story

My poor Softy cat circles the bed,

Her Siamese eyes darting side to side,

Matching stride to an impatient tail,

She has been banished from the comforts of the bed,

As Adam and Even were cast from Eden,

All their creature comforts striped and

She too, mourns, news piteously from

The fall from grace,

She tries to reason with my sympathetic nature,

Furiously marking herself to me;

Flurried whiskers flicker and tremble at my touch-

And she is hoping to be recognized as my one and only,

The way angels and God lived,

The way it was before “he” came into our lives.

The jealously that follows being replaced

Surely God knew the consequences,

Being number two always meant hand-me-downs

Adulation misplaced,

Surely God knew how much love costs,

That pure white junk called love

And no amount of addiction therapy could replace the

Felling of being needed

Total trust

Ultimate betrayal.


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