Let us crawl towards the horizon

As new born sea turtles do,

Stretching across sand dunes towards the surf,

Flipper to flipper,

Drawn to the brightest light to guide them to

Their journeys end,

Let us swim through the crashing waves

The sound of water pounding

And there is nothing but the constant pressure of

Water to embrace us,


An orgasm of the mind,

Let us catch ourselves caught between the

Ripples and reflections of

Water and light,

As we are being dragged with the currents,

Our own private collection of sea urchins drag in our wake,

Spiny arms; the ocean’s personal land mines,

We find ourselves caught between morning and night,

Sound and silence,

The roar of a new day creeps up behind us,

Silence breaking the borders of

Darkness and intensity,

We find ourselves caught between the linings of clouds

Leaving the dark lady of night behind,

Lovers part ways

As the moon and sun chase each other across the horizon,

We are caught between that strange entanglement,

The pursuit and the chased,

Let us remind ourselves that early mornings come with a tinge

Of sadness

Loneliness of night is a jealous soul,

Sadness weaves her web of entanglements,

Poets find their muses curled up next to them

To only find that that to has been a dream

Within a dream,

Only to wake up and start fresh another day.


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