Recovery Session #2

My father

delivered two strokes of

Love with the open palm of his

right hand,

and I stood and received,

as my mother stood and watched,

And I burned secretly inside and plotted.

My mother

in return

forgave my father

the role she played

in the feature length documentary


The weeping martyr

Always reminded me of my


Faithful, unquestioning


In my dream,

I walked up to the script-writer

“I quit”, I said ” I quit this job forever”

And my mother wept

Bitter tears behind the curtain of her cold house,

The house I kept my memories

Locked my sadness so no one could see,

My house

Now holds books,

treasures of my intellect

Mirros to hold my beauty,

A  remember of my mother

as she looked beyond the frame of the picture

and smiled.


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