Starry Night: Vision of Van Gogh

I know what Vincent felt

That starry night so long ago,

Those crazy, twinkling star lights

Even with his eyes shut tight –

They are there,

Spiraling nighly visions

Constellations circling,


I know what Vincent felt,

Never to be alone,

Looking up at his celestial cousins,

Brothers, sister,

Long lost lovers,

And he wished he could join them,

But him, being an eighteen century man

must be content with the only instrument of flight –

To paint, to paint

to breathe light onto canvas,

as I write to breathe light onto dreams,

I know what Vincent felt,

The angst in his heart, love misplaced,

To look up at the sky and feel a piece of you

beside me,

Cities and miles apart,

we are closer in heart,

In constellation age,

we are existing in space together,

Joined in the knowledge that this is only a blink of time,

Where stars gather and join in the dance,

I know what Vincent felt,

To be spiraling towards a vortex and

Darkness is only the blanket to shelter the light,

We are but nightly visitors; bats flying towards a silence

To vibrate towards the sound of stars

Awakening in their birth.


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