You once asked me if I knew about the particulars of astronomy.

The alignments of the planets, scattered remains of stars strewn across the night sky.

We laid down on the damp grass and stared longingly at the stars,

afraid to look deep into each other’s eyes….

I confessed that the only particulars I knew was that I belonged up there elsewhere among the stars.

Not confined to the earthly domain.

Brought back to the reality that routine is comforting,

but complacency had its brief affair and lost it’s luster,

I look back at that exact moment in time when you asked me that question

my answer;

painfully truthful

The dreamer always dreaming,

being elsewhere has its advantage,

We are on a journey,

the destination is not what I am looking for

but the experience,

time travel across different realities,

to close my eyes and dream.


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