Tocatta and Fugue

(Toccata (from Italian toccare, “to touch”)

 Fugue is a composition (in classical music) in two or more

I open my heart and am touched,


God or something divine,

has been nagging us to act,

Perhaps it was the static state of ennui?

Awaken and take arms!

Between lines and spaces,

flats and sharps,

I am perhaps just an instrument

to be shared and experienced by others,

tasted and sampled,


God’s voice as Bach used to say,

moves us in mysterious ways,

1st movement,

I am there sensing something else stiring-

as if watching a tsunami coming towards the shore,

little can be done but panic, run, be engulfed,

We experience the 2nd movement,

staccato frenzy and insistent,


Third movement and

like all things we part ways,

the dividing of the Red Sea comes to mind,

we part ways as music does,

The fourth and final movement,

and come together again,

Four voices,

Rising and falling,

tumbling forward in a state of chaotic bliss,


The birth of the universe,

The silence of the moment.

This is where I close my eyes.

Ponder. Reflect.


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