You say you are looking for home,

집 – jib

not the actual structure, 4 walls, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom but

the concept of home,

a sense of belonging.


make houses for others

hoping to find a piece of yourself in every


the walls that keep treasures

art that say’s

“yes, this is who I am”.

예, 이것은 내가 누군지입니다 – ye , igeos eun naega nugunji ibnida

My house,

a place where I find myself,

filled with an assortment of odd plants here and there,

books revealing my literary prowess,

art displaying the duality of life

dark and light

어둠과 빛 – eodumgwa bich,

longs for belonging

a place of rest also,

I tell you, my friend

내 친구 – nae chingu,

we are searching for


a shelter from the outside world,


closing my eyes,

You will still be there in the morning.


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