My name is Jung Un



fox spirit,

can not keep my voice silent

I am wanting,

desire to be heard

to taste the fruit that passion bears,

I am your


as you see fit

a vision of your desire

do you see me for


as me?

As I am,



untamed spirit lurking in the bushes

The years have been good to me,

my tails steadily grow,

learned lessons,

yet I still remain wild,

This is what it means to be fox spirit,

child of night and light,

yearning for domestisity,

longing for freedom,

No one notices

at half-moon,

I am skipping along the edge of night,

twirling dervish,

whisk me in your arms,

These dances that we perform,

circling one another,

closer and closer,

our noses touch,

Let me be honest,

this is who I am

naked truth is sometimes hard to

swallow whole

mischievous fox,





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