The Story of Odysseus in 2 parts


In your  love,

I have found safe harbor,

when your hands trace my thighs,

they become your thighs,

every taut muscle rippling under your fingertips,

when your hands touch my hips,

responding in kind to your hands,

they become your hips,

my belly,

your belly,

my breasts become yours to the


You have named me,

and I am no longer just a body,

housing the woman,


We find ourselves locked,

symmetrical and tracing parallel lines

across our bodies,

pattern recognition,

muscle memory.


Consider this,

I am no longer a unamed vessel wandering aimlessly at sea,

as Odysseus did,

this world has wearied me,

and I understand your

plight to the gods,

I have found your love to be a reason,

a hope that

love springs eternal,

It is this reasoning that I am named,

a woman loved,

Your kisses keep me strong,

your words ringing tenderness,

Knowing you are there in the world,

keeps me on course,

steady and straight on through the night,

the constant harbor bell guiding me,

morning fog lifting,

and I can see you standing on the shore,

lantern to guide my way,

My voyage,

weary and well spent,

I have come home to tell you tales of my journey

but more importantly,

to land kisses as sweet as honey

and to be engulfed in your arms,

whispering I love you

I love you

I love



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