Sex Dreams

Funny how your subconscious life enters your thoughts in all the right or wrong places, at all the right and wrong times.  Dreaming about sex often leads to frustration.  At least for me.  Why can’t you get off in your dreams?!  At the moment of climax…..what the heck, you wake up?!  Then you try to go back and sleep and can’t get back to the same scene.  Now that is just not right.

Sexual dreams have many layers and levels of complexities.  Encounters that you may not have in real life, all the sudden take place in your dream life.  What are your sex dreams?

Please be mindful of other readers.  Keep it PG-13.  Keep them appropriate.  If you really want to get nitty gritty about your sex dreams.  Perhaps putting it out  there in the wide open internet space is not where you want to post but in the seclusion of your offline diary and discussion with your therapist?

The basis premise of this dreambook is to share, yes but not to offend everyone that comes across your path.  KEEP IT CLEAN.  But then, if there are readers out there that are offended by the slightest curse words, maybe you shouldn’t be on the internet?  Just playing the devil’s advocate, here.   Be nice, play fair.  That’s what we learned in kindergarten, folks.

Enough ranting from the Dream Keeper.


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