Cause and Effect in 2 parts

Part I

Before there was cause

there was the trail of tears that led to it,

a gutting of the heart,

soul and mind


ethnic and all things of that matter,

I thought parenthood would be a diplomatic venture

a joint meeting of the mind,

how foolish I was to think that a simple mathematic equation would

solve the growing pains that come with children,

I watch you grow into your own being

and you resist me,

tear away at my want to still be a part of your life,

I am old baggage,

the kind that bellows,

bagpipes tooting their farewells to tradition,


Part II

This is the part of the poem that comes with


effects that makes me want to second guess myself,

I am only human but my

mind is made up of millions of little particles of



trillions of matter,

electrons zig zagging,

I used to make you laugh,

make you smile

I was the last word on your lips when you said

“good night, mommy”.




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