Re-inventing the self

Same person just an slight upgrade and tweak.  I am considering this time off as a “forced family fun time” .  What is forced family fun time, you ask?  It’s where you mandate family time with others and eventually everyone does have fun.  The purpose is to be togetherness and family time among the family members.

This time between jobs is when I am taking a hard look at myself and putting the house and myself back in order.  So I decided to get an astrology chart reading.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  Astrology is pure fiction.  However if you consider those that take up psychology and self help books, those that take up naturopathic medicines.  Science is based on the reality around us yet we, as human beings are afraid of the unknown.  That’s where science steps in.  We categorize everything in hard evidence.  Dismiss the subconscious and dream state. Yet we can’t explain it.  How many of us check the horoscope section of the daily newspaper for fun.  Do we “become” the sign that we are categorize in for fun or is this a subconscious effort because our brain is condition to do so?

One thing to point out.  I practice meditation on a regular basis.  I try to follow the Buddhist path.  In life, both work and home.  Not all things are black and white.  There are variations of shades that we can’t see with our naked eye.  This is the path I walk.  I digress from my original though….

I did have a reading and this is what it boils down to.  I have Sun in Libra with a Libra Rising and Moon in Scorpio.  I also have Mars in Sagittarius and a whole bunch of activities in the 12 house.  Did I mention Aries banging away here and there?

It all made sense and I apologized to my husband in advance.  Sorry to take charge and be the social director of the house.  It’s part of my astrological make up?  I’m mouthy, outspoken, defender of the weak.  I thrive in social events and in public and I have learned to recognize when I need a time out and chill for a bit.  That’s where meditation steps in.

Why re-inventing the self?  I think of it as taking a good look at what was accomplished and taking life in a direction where everything fits into place.  The spoken word.  Concepts turned to reality. Poetry living through this blog.  Understanding that the life is a natural extension of the self and the community we live in is a larger family. Knowledge is power and sharing and collaboration is where we grow, where we understand a bit of ourselves and others.

There is more to come for sure.  Plotting and planning. Growth.




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