New inspiration found

During my time off, I am practicing meditation and yoga.  I came across new inspiration to keep me focused in my daily path.

It is nice to see how music and yoga practice is blended here.   MC Yogi is a Yoga teacher and Hip Hop Artist who has combined both yoga and music together.


As a mother, it is often hard to find time to myself.  I’m continuously trying to keep everything together in a tight, well run machine.  I often forget that I need to take care of myself in order for that “machine” to run.

By practicing yoga in a daily dedication, I am finding that “letting go” releases more than toxins in your body.  It releases toxins in your psyche.  During this time, I am reminding myself that compassion and love is the path to take for my daughter to move forward.  And to allow me to release and move forward.

Loving others and loving yourself is the same thing.




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