One connection at a time

There is something to be said when you open up to strangers about yourself. Something so intense and stressful as watching your child slowly destroy herself with an eating disorder. The raw intensity of anger and sadness is replaced by a weary tone. You think you are alone and what you are going through is a lonely path. It is not.
I got my haircut today by a stranger and by me opening up and telling her my relationship “issues” with my not typical teenage daughter, this stranger knew where I was coming from. She shared with me her own personal struggles with addiction and recovery. Addiction to cocaine and alcohol. And the bottom she went and her struggle upwards. I told her she was doing great and thanked her for sharing her own story.
Karma has a way of moving forward and touching/healing through sharing.
We exchanged cards. I told her she could call/text anytime. By extending that bridge out to others, you are not alone. Recovery is possible.
I told her I meditated. I took time for myself and took care of me in order to take care of my daughter.
Ohm mani padme hum.



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