Jupiter and Venus

Jupiter was never meant to fall in love with Venus,

was never meant to fall hard for her whimsical ways and seductive charms,


unknowingly impressed him,

isn’t that the way of all women, who

at the peak of her youth could launch war between brethren nations with the cast of disapproving eyes,

pouty lips could turn men into lustful creatures,

Are we to say that it was not her fault to lure

Jupiter, mightiest of gods,

into a whimpering, whiny

adolescent boy of 16,

passion and lust smoldering,


in his confusion lopped off the head of his own son,

“You idiot”, she cried out, “That was our son!”

and he promptly stuck a passing elephant’s head on the beheaded boy.

Oh wait, that was another myth,

same passion,

different culture.



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