Living outside the comforts of your own reality

This morning I woke up from this odd dream. in my dream I was the owner of two very large fishes who wanted out of their tank to go exploring.  They reminded me of my husband’s ex wife and her new husband.  They were giant talking carps.

So I let them walk out. Figured it was best they find out what the real world is really like outside their safe tank.

The male fish kept on taking my earrings and wearing them on his fingers.  This is what my daughter would do, take my earring and not return them. I gave the female fish my cell number and told them to call me if they get themselves into any trouble and I let them go. The female fish wanted to make sure if anything happened to them to give them both a ground grain burial. They didn’t want to be flushed down the toilet.

I was about to go look for a wrist watch to give to the male fish but I woke up.
This all was taking place in my parents house.

I had this odd feeling that I was letting my daughter go out into the unknown world.  I would be ok, I told myself.  She will have your cell phone number in case something does happen.  You are her safety net.

My husband’s ex wife and her husband currently live in a very controlled and safe reality.  They never venture outside their home.  Everything is where it should be.  At all times.  There is no life there.

I get it.  My subconscious is slowly unraveling and letting go.  Sending off my daughter.  She will be fine.  Even if she feels like a fish out of water.  Out of her element.  She will learn to navigate the new waters of the world.

fish and moon


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