Saturday wanderings

monumentsThis weekend, we drove down to Portland to get ourselves lost somewhere other than home.  We drove past the usual road signs down the I-5 interstate including the Gospodor monuments heading down to Portland.  I did not understand what these statues represented until I did a little more research on  the Interwebs.  It turns out these statues were built in 2002 by Gospodor as tributes to Mother Theresa, Native Americans and Holocaust victims.  Strangely, I don’t associate the statues with any religious meaning, rather I use these statues as a landmark as I drive down to Portland.  I consider them the halfway point between Seattle and Portland.  Maybe not by actual distance but they sure do provide a visual break from the usual road signs marking restroom breaks, gas stations and fast food joints along I-5.

When my husband and I first started dating each other, we did the long distance romance.  He lived in Portland and I lived in Seattle.  We would make the 173 miles  trek every other weekend to see each other.  I used the Gospodor monuments as a marker as I was approching Portland.  They were a familar landmark as I approached the town of rivers.

I believe that the summer of our long distance dating, was a proof of commitment towards wanting to see someone.  When you invest in wanting to see the other person, you are unconsciously telling the person that you matter.  You are telling that person that I want to get to know you.

Also the time you don’t spend with each other is an investment to yourself.  You are telling yourself, I matter and I want to know you.

Often we take these things for granted in relationships.  We forget that the we in relationship includes you.  Relationship to yourself and undesrstanding alone time and together time.  This is the balance we need to make to ourselves to be happy.

Eventually, he did move in with me.  Making the final trek up to Seattle to meld into my life.  Three years later, we got married.  Our lives are together on a daily basis and we spend time apart to gather our thoughts and strengths.  I look forward to my time when I’m not hanging out with him.  Dedication to kids, family, home includes dedication to own thoughts and keeping up with the things you are passionate about.

I am passionate about my writing, gardening, my bicycle adventuring and my work.  These things make up the whole of who I am.

I recently started a new job with a new company and one of the questions that was asked of me was what am I about.  Outside of work, what drives me.  What am I passionate about.  I thought about the question carefully and told them that I am a passionate writer and bicycle adventurer.  I dream, I write. I tend to my garden and my bicycle keeps me fit and alive.

I am passionate about what I do for work as well.  I believe in doing the right thing for the client.  Keeping things simple, seeing their point of view.  I learned this by adventuring.  Seeing all points of view.  Being open to different points of view.  You get this way, I believe by taking the time to meditate on yourself.  By being aware of what you are doing on a daily basis and listening.

Travel on my friend.



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