Becoming Half Buddha

When all is quiet, I find myself thinking into the night. This is the time when my mind wanders without emotions or some pressuring though.
I am not concerned about whether the teenage daughter is going to come home when she said she would.i am not concerned whether the cat will come strolling inside from nightly wanderings.
I am drifting into the quiet of the night and letting things, all things go. Letting go and accepting.
Tulka Yeshi Rinpoche told me the state of becoming half Buddha is understanding that these states are temporary. State of happiness. State of sadness. All empty. That is what we are striving for.
So this is where I am at. Striving for that balance. To accept and let go.
I feel this is my mantra. It shows up in my poems. In my dreams. In my waking life.
I am now creating a mental space in my gardening. Creating that space for my well being. To do that, I must accept the struggles and let it go. Not mine. Let go of the moment of contentment. Not mine. Give this back to the universe.
Tulka Yeshi Rinpoche nodded in agreement. Now I am on the path of being a half Buddha. Sorrow and happiness are one and the same. Washes over me and moves on.
Not mine to dwell on.
This is the state of emptiness.
Ohm mani padme hum.



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