These nights
Sleep is the place I go to to find the answers,
Not the answers to life, the universe and all things sacred,
No, my dreams are cryptic,
Punny and often wrapped under layers of visual metaphors.

Last night I dreamt that
I was moving.
Houses and into a shared cooperative apartment.
The only thing I was taking with me was my new kitten. A soft white fluffy kitten. So pure and new.
I moved from the top floor to a lower apartment.
I settle into sleep with my new kitten and I take off her pink collar.
Inscribed on the back of her neck are Korean symbols.
“She is to be born from mud and rise as a beautiful flower.”
My daughter was given the name “Mei-Hwa”.
It means beautiful flower in Chinese.
Life gets ahead of me,
I often wonder where one day merges with another.
There is not much time left yet
All the time in the world to stop and write down these words.
I don’t ask anymore,
I just write.
Obedient poet.

Slow down to listen to your breath,
To lie in bed and listen to the wind rustle between trees,
The cars out front pass by my house.



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