Dream #2

How is that when you cry in your dreams, you also wake up crying but when you die in your sleep you just wake up?

I wake up with a sense of overwhelming sadness taking over
Endless waves rolling over
Lingering Pink Floyd song somewhere
Reminding me that time is fleeting,

I dream that my daughter was downstairs in her basement room
Listening to this song,
I listened to her sing along as she always did,
The song keeping her company because I was not present,
This is my guilt.
I know this is not true because I was present,
Next to her but not there,
She is growing up and I am watching from the sidelines,
Where is she now?

I dream of a house,
Changing in little ways,
The garbage bins being replaced.

I dream of an earlier dream that I am part of an astronaut voyage,
My flight suit protecting me from Earth atmosphere,
I can not breathe this air.

I wake up from these dreams and I put on my wake face,
I leave behind the sad face,
I switch settings.

I wake up writing poems
As they come seeping out of me,
I purge these words out of me,
I expel these words out of me,
I breathe in the new day,
I listen to the outside and
I have landed on this planet Earth,
My body exposed,
My gas mask is gone.
I am naked.



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