It began like this
At first it was just one leaf,
One vine finding its way across and up towards the base,
A child reaching up for their mom,
Arms outstretched,
Unlike the parent,
A tree can not avoid the vine unless some thing distracts the vine’s path,
Some cosmic force,
God or Human to rip the vine from the tree base,
Sever the head of the serpent before it grows back,

Several nights,
The tree takes on a contorted form
Arms outstretched towards heaven,
A surprised wood nymph caught in Pan’s embrace,
Muffled cries of help,
The sympathetic thing to do would be metamorphose the nymph,
Change her to another form before she is stained,

Both extremes needed to make it happen.
A lion’s death changes not just the lion but also his pride.
Cubs now defenseless unless Man
Comes in and intervenes
before another lion wipes out the children.
This is nature.
What is not nature is Man’s ability to alter the life course of one lion because of ego,

That is what the trophy kill is- ego.

Your time will come.
Your life will be changed.
That is nature as well.



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