The anger my teenage daughter displayed towards my husband and I scared me. She reminded me of a glimpse of my ex-husband. The 0-100 ramp up of anger hurdling towards us. Complete irrational anger about not getting what she wanted when she wanted.
She took off down the street when I dialed 911 and started talking to the dispatcher.
She didn’t come home until a few hours later. Leaves on her back. Probably got pissed off at the idea of sleeping in the bushes.
All I know is this. When she moves out. I will breathe a sigh of relief.
Living with an irrational teenage child going through an eating disorder sets everyone’s inner calm on edge. It shakes the foundation to the core.
Strangely, the more you go through with this, the more you realize that mental illness is s mysterious stranger that no one wants to face but it’s in the room. It’s the white elephant right smack dab in the the living room.
I want to emphasize that my husband and I are working with the support team, working with her therapist, trying to stay calm through all of this. It’s what we do to keep going.
My dreams have also been highlighting this passage as well. Informing me in their subliminal messages that these things will pass and I am on the right path.
Death dreams are a signal that a major transformation will occur with the decease. Changing houses dream mean there will be a change in emotional responses when this occur.
Now I wait.
I respond accordingly. I trust in the universe. These things will occur and what will happen has happened.
Natural changes to the universal shift.
Ohm mani padme hum. Ohm mani padme hum.



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