I want you to know

That you will always have a place in my heart
In my house
By my side at the kitchen table,

Your quirky, impish smile has not graced my house in a while,
It has been temporarily been replace by a scowl,
A glare penetrating I can feel it pierce my heart,
I can’t mend the sadness that covers you,
That follows you like a dark cloud,
Where did the time go.
I am dreaming of my child,
Lost in thought,
Crying in the darkness,
I am here for you,
And I will lead the way out into the light,
Towards adventures beyond your imagination
Life calls you.
Take the leap off the edge,
You are not falling rather
Flying higher and higher
Joining the flock as the sun sets to the
Night creeps on padded feet,
My house is always open,
A hearth always welcoming.
Waiting for you to tell me your life adventures.



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