Starting from square one

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Today is a 6 — Think and make plans. Write. Start at the beginning. Go for substance over symbolism. Postpone meetings, travel and romance for now. Private peace restores you. Complete projects for relief and accomplishment. Get help if needed.

Today finds me in a particular weird mood as I wake up from symbolic dreams yet I clearly understand the meaning behind my dreams. Lately I’ve been writing down the dream in order to cycle through the present.

My daughter is at an age that is between 10 and 11 yet she is in high school. That is the age she is stuck in as she is trying to move past.

The eating disorder keeps her locked in place. Keeps her hostage until she can move past and heal her trauma.

My only guidance is to ensure her well being and let her make her choices. I know her moving out to a transitional house program is the best choice for her. To be in a supportive program that will ensure she stays in school and keep towards her goals.

I will work on writing down these thoughts. Writing through the symbolism and the substance behind the symbolism. Writing down the truth until it aches. Hurt so pure it cuts through the whites of bones.



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