Rain visits again

The rain has started again washing away the summer dust that has settled.
I wake up this morning and realize it is quiet through out the house. Only the wind rustling through the trees and the quiet snore of a cat and husband in unison.
Quiet through the mental house.
My daughter commented that I am calmer these days. She sees my meditation practice as progress? All I know is my anger does not take me hostage as it use to. It does not keep me at attention.
I’m able to focus on work and I fall in love with the way code talks to me. I’ve forgotten how peaceful that can be.
Following the Buddhist path also does the same thing.
The inner voices are quieted and I’m able to see things clearly. I am able to push aside the noise and clutter and find peace and quiet. Only the stirring of my breath.
I get up and start the day.
On mani padme hum.


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