Why I write….

Someone asked me this and this is what I have to say.
I write because if I don’t
The words will haunt me throughout the days,
Follow me like a love lorn puppy
Sniffing for my scent. I can not hide from this.
I write because if I don’t
It will seep into my subconscious and I will be up for weeks
Dreaming the same dream
Reruns of bad TV shows,
I write because I am acknowledging the pain,
The sadness, the anger, the guilt, the regret, the live, the happiness and the moment when words come easily out of my fingertips as water from a tap.
I write down these words as truth,
Truth so raw that the whites of bone show and I am writing down these words as statements of truth.
Because staying silent is not an option.
Staying in the corner and out of sight is not the answer.
I write to tell my story. To yell victorious. This is what I have to say.
Love is all you need. The truth, even though it may hurt, also humbles you. It humbles me.
I’m sorry for staying silent this long. I’m sorry for not speaking up when the words did not form.
It forms now and I am victorious.
I am washed by these words,
These thoughts fall over me as
Easily as summer rain showers streak my face,
Another day passes into night,
Another breath taken.
I am finally calm,
I finally able to sleep to wake another day.



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