Paying attention to dreams

I dreamt two dreams with similar meanings/ messages.
The first one is of my daughter and her current boyfriend. They are preparing dinner with my husband and I. Her boyfriend overfills the rice cooker and it starts to overfill. The cord starts to sputter and sparks start to fly. I immediately rush over and start putting out the fires. I think to myself, he is going to kill us all!
He remarks that he doesn’t know how to use a rice cooker. I think to myself, is he really that stupid?
The second dream I have is all of us living in this large house. My daughter and her friend Katherine are there and they are supposed to do chores like the rest of us. Instead, they are moping around the kitchen. They are liking onto of the heat vent because it is summer and they are hot.
I get a call from one of the roommates that the girls have to participate in chores or they will be kicked out of the house. I wake up shortly after.
These two dreams tell me that my daughter will not be ready to move out on her own yet in reality, she is planning to. I can’t change that. She needs to be pushed out of the best and learn to fly. The will power is there. Not time for the actual flight.
Yesterday, she sent me a link to a cute blog with cats and flowers.
I asked her how she was. She said she was bored. She was supposed to go out on a date but that never happened. I told her that she had her music and art supplies to pass the time. I suggested that maybe tomorrow she and I could go get a manicure and lunch. She said that sounds like a good idea but she would have to see how much cleaning house she would get. I said sure.
Whether we do this or not is not the issue. The fact is that she reaches out to me and communicated.
Slowly but surely.
That is all that matters. Little steps.


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