Tell me this

I am awake from dreams that remind me that life is an apocalypse,
The violence of life,
Blood, labor and a new mother’s journey
Never prepared you for heart ache and departure from the here and now.
Existence in this plane
Changes forever when children leave the nest,
And you are left with silence
The quiet calm you get
Sitting alone in your kitchen,
The dinner conversations about
Government uprisings,
Economic upheavals,
Family commitments,
A mixed bag of uneasy conversations fueled by strained desires to want more
Need more,
The longing of childhood gone,
You will come back,
Sit at the dinner table and
Really talk,
About heart ache,
The tenderness and love you have
For that sweet line of music you mastered,
For the moment you woke up
And crawled out of the darkness,
We have all been there,
We have all woken from the sleep,
Unhooked ourselves from the machine,
A brand new day waits for us,
A brand new memory to create.



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