I am 3maiden
Maiden, Mother and soon to be Crone,
I am more than a daughter,
Youth is no longer the thing that I run from,
Running to find acceptance and accolade,
Beauty is the eye of the beholder,
I try to fit into someone’s ideal,
Never my own,

More than a mother,
Not your mama, to toil
And hunger for recognition and thankless nights,
Wondering where the hell my wayward teen has gotten to,
I am much more than last minute savior of shit that needs to get done,
Piles of laundry that needs to be tended to,
Tired of picking up socks and underwear scattered around the bedroom floor,
Everything has to have it’s proper place,
Categorize in it’s rightful box,
Neat, tidy and orderly,
That is what my life has become,

I am 3maiden,
More than maiden, mother and soon to be crone,
The nest is soon empty and I will anticipate a different kind of
My home and hearth,
A different kind of solace,
My husband looks at me and wonders
Where the old me has gone,
Gone, gone, forever shedding,
My skin is itching to be cast off,
Pieces of clothes slip off of me as I
Find myself sitting in bath water,
Wondering where I have wandered off to,

I am more than someone’s idea of a daughter,
Obedient and compliant,
Footsteps quietly shuffling behind my parents,
These days,
I find myself stomping through the underbrush,
Through the garden,
Weeding and raking,
Toiling the earth to prepare for new growth,
For new birth of my own idea,
Siren call,
Breaking the silence,
I am no longer standing still,
I am spreading my wings
Preparing for a new birth,
Phoenix rising from the ashes,
Hear me roar!



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