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Haunted house dreams

I recently started watching another tv series on the Internet called The Librarians.  One of the episodes is about a haunted house.  A floating house that moves location. It turns out in the show that this house is called the House of Refuge.

Houses are a metaphor for environment, stability, a sense of self.  When you take care of your house, you are taking care of yourself.  Get your house in order means get your life in order.   Think of the concept of houses as the idea that the attic is the memory place, the bedrooms as a scene from one’s life/memory, the basement as somewhere you want to hide or store something and the bathrooms as your bodily functions…So when one dreams about a haunted house, what does that imply?

I dream about haunted houses.  Houses that store past memories, not my own but an interpretation of my own. I’ve had dreams where the haunted house i am about to buy or move into has a haunted wing.  And this wing I am not suppose to visit but I inveritably visit it because a family member, my daugther stumbles upon it.  This house can take on many aspects of my memory, my life.  Usually, the way i see it, is when I dream about this particular dream, it is because I am trying to sort out something that is bothering me.

The people I am trying to protect are the people i am trying to protect in my life. I am afraid of the past repeating with my daughter.  I am trying to shield her from the hurt.

The more I center myself through meditation, I realize that I really don’t have control over her life in that aspect.  She has her own karma she must figure out on her own.  I can only give her the tools to make her own life.  I am only the guide.

I need only to focus on my own calm, finding the center to my own silence and by doing this, will show my daughter the way to calm her own self.  Show by example.

Ohm mani padme hum.


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