4 am

The evening news is raging about the latest world tragedy. The attack and killing of lives in Paris.
I am thinking how for a brief moment of time, people are banning together for solidarity and support for those lives.
I am thinking how it takes a world trashy to ban people together. There is so much suffering.
What about all the other world events?
I am not saying that human compassion doesn’t take place, just that social media doesn’t rally up and promote those events?

I am on a mini road adventure with my husband this weekend. Getting away from the daily grind of taking care of the house.
I end up seeking books on Zen Buddhism in my search for continued spiritual support.
The practice of Tibetan Buddhism has taught me well. I am however looking at a more refined search for inner calm and peace.
The absence of chaos. To quiet the mind.
Continued mantras repeated under my breath.
Continued practice of closing my eyes and being in the moment.
Of being in the here and now.
My breath. In and out fully and deep. My awareness of what and where my body, my vessel is at.



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