We all want to be someone we are not

We all want to be someone we are not
Someone we look up to,
Someone to love,
Tell me you
Have been here
In the dark,
Watching the light of the moon across the
Night sky,
I am her in this exact moment,
My heart beating,
Looking across the street,
Wondering where my soon to be adult child is,
She is walking this path,
Her own path,
My path is no longer intertwined with hers,
I walk along hers knowing my will divert as she continues,
Moon light
Keep her safe,
Let her know her mother misses her,
Let her know her journey is just begun,
I dream of a time when life was simple,
I held you in my arms,
Tight and didn’t let go,
Held you close,
Mother and child,
This like my dream
Many moons ago.



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