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Morning jaunt

I took a drive over to Granite Falls to meet up with Maeve.
Strong and defiant Maeve. My mother in law.
We stopped in to the local diner for a late lunch.
Small town happenings as we catch up on kids, her sons and settling into new home.
She worries. Frets about what is to come around the corner. Always on the run.
I look at her and see years of uncertainty following her around like a stray dog looking for her next meal.
I look at her and tell her that you are where you are at that exact moment. No further nor later.
You just are.
She smiles at me back and tells me I am wonderful.
I laugh and tell her to not worry about the future. Just be in the moment. Be one with the universe. We are all part of the universe.
How do you know, she ask.
I tell her they this belief that I have strikes me to the core of my being. It is what I believe in. Like a message from a dream. You just know.
How do I explain this? It’s more than intuition. It is trust in yourself and in others.
That and you are never alone even if you try to be.



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