The call from the doctor confirmed a few things.
About health. About
The what ifs and could of, should of.
Or maybe this is what life hands you in a cruel game of Russian Roulette.

Fatty liver with a small unknown lump. A side of unknown outcome.
More tests. More waiting.
Forever in a state of limbo.
All righty then. Let’s go.

This isn’t about me griping and bitching. No.
This isn’t about me whining and feeling sorry for myself. No.
I accept all things to come
I do it with full understanding about what I am to embark upon.
I do this with the knowledge that going uphill is half the challenge.
What is my turning point.
The point of saying “all in”.
This is about
There is no other option but up and onward.
My current body is on an all systems shut down.

Fuck you and go to hell.
How do I reverse this, I ask my doc.
There is a clear path, she says.
It’s an uphill battle.
There is a slight smirk to my smile.
Battle on, then.


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