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This is what I know

That 2016 is about changes. Negative or positive. It’s all good.
Changes mean movement. Movement means growth and change of perception.

My body decided to do a mini strike.
First the torn hip labrum, then the hip alignment, then diabetes, next the liver. One by one…. I consider it a wake up call for changes that are happening whether I like it or not.
The fatty liver…. I see myself as the human version of fois gras? Ok, maybe too extreme but that’s what popped into my head when the test results came back.
So what do I do about all this shit? Take a major change in perspective and make health happen.
I am not going to let these things define me.
Tackle it one day at a time, one moment at a time.
Take into consideration of those around me.
Enjoy the company of my cat leaning against my leg. His constant purring by my side.
Enjoy the company of my family. Nothing is perfect but what I have are people who love me and want to keep me safe.
I feel at peace with that.
I can close my eyes and be transported to dream consciousness. I am recycling my memories, timed events along the universal path and coming to terms with the outcomes.
Changes in perception again.
I want to fall so badly.
I want to release myself from being in this stuck space.
The hip pain will be the first to go. Then I can work on my health.
In the meantime, I am dealing with pain management.
Little steps. Little morsels of food eaten.
Taking things down slow.
To hear myself breathe.
The cat is purring.
In drifting in a pool of subconsciousness.
The universal path is alive with an initiate numbers of stories
All told in unison and separately.
This is life. And I am on that oath again.
Bee to pollen.
Pollen path.



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