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Get up and move

Counting down the days when I have my hip surgery. I understand this will be painful but living in constant pain and fear of aggravating the hip even more is not what I call living. I want to live past that and move on.
I want to live like I’m living. Not just as my old self but active and participating in life.
I start a new contract job tomorrow. New project, new challenges. This is what attracts me to consulting. I don’t know if I could do anything else.
There is the unknown. There is the build up of questions. Everything does work out in the end.
Everything will work out in the end for all things. Including stuff with my daughter. She is going through her own challenges with life. We all do.
I let her know that I am her biggest ally and advocate. I’m cheering her on.
We all need a lift up now and then. We all need to move on.



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