Dharma wheel

Two months ago, I had a full hip replacement.  I underwent major surgery to replace a broken part of my body in  full faith that I would no longer be in pain and I could get back to my usual scheduled program.  What I didn’t really pay attention to was the months following the surgery.  The long and slow recovery back to the usual scheduled program.

I am two months post surgery and I am finding the practice of patience and practice to be a continuous mantra.

I am not a patient woman.  The idea of waiting for my leg to be ready to go, right out of the box was what I was thinking would happen.  The reality is that full recovery happens when you spend energy practicing recovery.  Practicing taking the time to breathe through all the physical therapy exercises and the time spent at the gym.  Little successes.

I am determined to practice this approach in my attempt to get back into life.  Fully engaged and ready.

Once again, this takes practice and the determination that all good things happen within that practice.

My husband bought me a new bike to get me through the ramp up period.  A folding commuter bike with low leg clearance.  He understood my frustration and desire to get back in the saddle.  To participate back in life.  To not be on the sidelines and watch daily cyclists enviously.

This week I starting riding the bike into work.  I slowly navigated my way through the downtown traffic and up through the narrow streets joining cars.  It went better than I feared and I find the confidence rising back up again.  I find that familiar grittiness that helps me navigate through the daily work week.  There is a part of my old personality sneaking out again.  That need to show that there is life outside of cars and making money and the corporate grind that I fell in line with.

Cycling takes me back to a simple time before I had kids, before I had anyone to really be responsible for.  The only person I had to support was me.  Me and my damn cats.

Cycling also helps break down the cement grip that surgery brought with it.  The muscle recovery and scar tissues breaking down.  I feel movement back in my hamstring, back in my thigh and I no longer wake up with muscle spasm.

I want to believe that I am at the last part of of my hip recovery but I know I have a long way to go.  A long way till I am able to jump on my bike and ride down the road.  That too will happen.  Life will slowly find it’s way back to my daily life.

dharma 2


Author: Jung Un Choi

Many years ago I started on this journey to discover myself and to move through the universe through stories and poetry. Along the way, I rediscovered myself through cycling and the art of meditation. This and so much more is where you will find me. Somewhere between dreaming and waking. Between watching and participating.

2 thoughts on “Dharma wheel”

  1. I had both of my hips replaced in March and April. I have my mobility back and and feel as strong as ever. Maybe Stronger! . Good luck to you Lisa!


  2. Hello again Lisa. I want to ask a favor. Could you please delete my previous Comment here? I do wish you every success with your new hip but I am ashamed I was too quick to click Send before I proofed it. I started the Comment then had an emergency and was called away from my desk before I could finish my thought. I came back to finish the Comment but was too quick and noticed the embarrassing grammatical errors the same time I hit Post. I can’t find any way to edit a Comment. So could you please just delete the comment for me? I do wish you every success with your new hip. Thank you for your understanding.


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