As is 

I dreamt that I took you away from a life with your friends,

Your house you shared with your friends,

Past and current.

You were 

Planning on going camping,

I didn’t know. I was

Visiting you unexpected.

I felt intrusive,

Like a feral cat coming to claim,

I think this is where you say,

We will visit soon,

I say, I will be leaving,

Now and forever,

I tell you that I will be flying off to Vegas to visit a friend,

You tell me that we need to have dinner with your family about a cell phone plan, a family plan where everyone is connected.

I am confused because I am but not family.

Your past is your own as mine is my own.

This is how I feel in my dream,

I am thinking this is how my daughter felt with her friends,

Making her way to the Eastside yet they never drove over to her side,

Together yet apart,

I know, my daughter, this is a journey you make,

The path you lead will take you from the past to your future and along it,


Family and the occasional feral cat making their home in your heart.


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