The Sea and the Fisherman

You are telling me your story,

About a fisherman and the sea, I am picturing Hemmingway and his relationship with himself,

Lost at sea or do you prefer to to engulf in the waves?

Crushing you at the same time embracing you.

I am out there with you, battling the waves by your side, or so I thought I was.

You prefer to be a loner. I am no where in your toolset. Useless as I watch you rage against Neptune.

Your father and you.

I see how this goes. I see the horizon and the white noise of battle ring in my ears too.

We are engage in an old fight.

I to be your guiding light as you rage on.

When you start to steer away and focus your attention to picking at your ally, then I question your quest. I question your motives.

I question my sanity.

I’m done.  This is not my fight.

I can not be both your safe harbor and your enemy.

It is time for me to pull away and head back to shore.


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