Memory Recall

I am stalking you

wondering where you will end up,

not because I want to reach out to you but rather because I want to ensure your safety.

I wonder where you will end up.  I wonder whose arms you will fall into?

These are our patterns.  Our old selves.

Does it make me a bad person to cast you out of my world and insist you flounder on your own?

Does it make me a cruel person to want to fortify my own space, both mentally and physically?

I am trying to find the path back to a time when you and I were younger, idealistic in our approach to the world,

Love held us together in a co-dependent grip.  We are no longer an item.  To be admired by afar.

Determined in our quest that we could conquer worlds.  Instead, you broke my own world. I let you into my world and instead of reflecting sunlight, you cast a shadow across my land.

Shattered my ability to stand tall beside you.  I questioned my sanity while you raged at the world around you.  Both yours and mine.

I understand this now.  I understand that the path is ever changing, moving organism and I am one of many entities floating across the universe.

I wish you could see what I see in you.

I wish you could see the calm inside the storm you rage.

The quiet inside me now is refreshing.  It has always been there.

Always been my constant companion.

The morning after a storm and I see the sun peaking through the trees.

I see sunlight streaming through the hazy incense that I burn every morning.  To embrace the coming of a new day.

I wish you could see the calm in being in the moment.

This is all I have left.  Reflections of memory recall of what once was and now I too must start on a new path.


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