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Synchronicity -events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

Synchrodestiny – coincidence but it contains a purpose and meaning, and has a direction and intention

All things happen for a reason,

chance random meeting with people,

good and bad,

all experiences that will shape who we are today,

Like reincarnation, the path we are on

is the path we have always been on,

Pattern recognition,

sometimes it is shown to us clearly

when we gain some insight into who we are becoming,

always a work in progress,

I do not regret what I have experienced,

what I do regret is the method to which I got there,

that is what I am working on – now,

because life is precious and the people who are in your path,

something to cherish and release to the next step,

that is what kindness and compassion does,

I am looking to change the method,

there is always a better way,

First to yourself then to others,


spiritual path awakened,

I am reverberating,

beating  heart,

I hear myself when I sleep,


I am reaching out and finding that I am not alone.



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