More than dead flowers


I will be truthful,

dead flowers are nice but what I want

is more is than dead flowers,

more than a bouquet of a dozen dead roses,

red as crimson blood,

as dark as my heart,

as pure as my love,

it is something that can’t be captured in a Hallmark card,

When you close your eyes at night,

do you often think of me?

Can you see me in your dream?

I am the one standing in the corner,

ghost of love lost,

It is more than a five minute sonnet,

a poem,

a song that stirs emotions,

twirling endless,

puppet on a string,

this is how I feel at times,

always on the outside watching in,

I want to capture love in that moment,

I want to suspend time and space and just let events exist,

that bittersweet moment when you close your eyes and

there is nothing but the endless night,

dreams cast,

the endless space of time when we are both floating,

endless in the universe,

I miss you like the moon misses the sun,

chasing each other forever across the sky.



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