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Ride On My Pretties!


Pow! Pow!  Pow!  The Amazonian super heroine that I looked up to growing up has been resurrected on this blog.  She is the embodiment of strength, agility and feminine awesomeness.  I need to channel that back in my life again as I am recovering from hip replacement surgery.    I need to channel the persistence and the patience.

I am not going to let this thing called recovery keep me back from what I want to do.  To live life and get back on the saddle.  By saddle, I mean riding my bike.  I won’t be able to run again but running hasn’t been in my life for a while….need to turn my attention to something else.

Older and hopefully wise, I will embrace what I have learned and move past the pain and ache that kept me shackled.  I will not let this define me.

There will be posts about recovery, a little bit about the feminine divine spirit that inspires me and hopefully inspires you.  To find inspiration in the universe and all things.

Ride on my fellow Amazonian women!


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