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Meeting the Godhead – Why I unbuckled from Facebook


I have a fondness for watching zombie apocalypse movies.  I hold these 4 truths in the struggle for human vs. zombie survival.

  1. The ironic metaphor between dead and un-dead. Are we truly alive while we are connected to and depended on the electronic age. How do we find the connection to ourselves, to each other to truly feel and appreciate life? When do we pull the umbilical cord and really live? We are awake from the dream and the dream is life?
  2. The strongest doesn’t always survive. It is the wily and smart ones that last. Sure, shooting a gun helps but learning how to get along with others to ensure survival makes more sense. There is safety in numbers.
  3. I want to believe that humanity will preserve through all of this. Yes, even currently, with all the true to life fiction that we are currently living in now. We stand strong. United. Compassion and kindness will always win.
  4. To be honest, I like rooting for the underdog. We, as humans are the underdogs.

I want to talk about point number three.  When the world is turned upside down and you wake up with everything you knew as normal has turned crazy with zombies, what do you do?  You access your situation, you analyze what needs to happen and you act upon it.

Case in point.

  1.  Current events take place and we find ourselves at the corner of another battle these days.  This time we are entrenched in a social media blitzkrieg.  Media in all forms, paper and electronically are bombarding the everyday person with a continuous stream of catchy headlines to lure traffic to their site and paper.  I call this sensational journalism.

I took a course in journalism in college many years ago, with the understanding that the truth must be represented in print.  Not the sensational, shock headlines that were once confined to celebrity magazines.  This is what journalism has become.  A celebrity war zone.  Currently on the top of the list is our current Administration.

So why is my fascination with zombie apocalypse movies related to this article, you ask?  Simple.  In this crazy world, like the zombie apocalypse, we must remember not to get caught up in the moment of panic.  We must remember to take life a little slower and to simply understand what is the intent of the sensational article.  We must remember to question everything and to ask each other, what can we do to slow down the progress.  The spread of the infection.

Sensational journalism spreads like an infection.  It takes root deep inside people’s emotions and takes over the rational thought pattern.  It turns neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, it tears families apart.

This is not to say we should ban all forms of journalism.  That would be ironic and missing the point.  What I am talking about is to investigate the root of the problem, analyze it and take appropriate action to educate yourself and share the truth.

There I said it.  The truth.  Sometimes the truth hurts.  Reporting on the truth and then acting on it is a two-part process.  I believe this is what makes us human.  It takes the humanity into consideration and I believe this is the key to keeping the infection at bay.

Which brings me back to point one and two.  How do you survive through this chaos?

Remember back when we were kids we had to invent our own fun?  How we had to entertain ourselves and to get along with the neighbor kids?

Same idea in this modern day.  Surviving the zombie takeover is the same as getting tossed outside.  We as humans are a pretty pathetic lot.  We are weak and have no real defenses.  We don’t have claws, or sharp teeth, we aren’t super-fast and some of us can’t fix our own flat tires, yet we preserve and we continue to strive forward.

And we are a fickle bunch.  We run with a pack mentality.  Follow the herd because the herd is safe.

Something stirred inside me.

2017 turned into something different.  I began to feel overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted. I began to understand what needed to happen to find my center of calm.  For me to close my eyes and wake up from the illusion.  By this, I mean, unbuckling from one of the biggest social media sites out there – Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is a fine place to connect and meet up with friends and family.  Something about 2017 began to make me feel it was much more than that.  It had, in my opinion turned into an 8 headed Hydra that seeped into every crevice of my seemingly safe world.  Facebook had become the go to and end all for all information, both good and bad.  Truthful or outright lies.  I saw that people turned against other people.  Friends against friends, family members against family members and I began to see how the frenzy of mass hysteria can turn into itself.

I could not tell what was the truth and what was purely made up fiction to get better ratings.

When I started to extract myself from Facebook, I realize it was a little harder than I thought.  Facebook is just one of the many dependencies that we have.  I started noticing how other social media outlets were intertwined with it.

What I found is that if you create an account using your Facebook account, it becomes nearly impossible to unbuckle from that connection.  Spotify, iPhone, xBox to name a few.  Everything is chain linked together.  Maybe it was my frustration and angry about being caught up unwillingly in a system that won’t let me go, maybe it was the fact that I couldn’t figure out how to beat this.  I took a different path.  I simply walked away from trying to fix this problem.

I just created a new account.  It is easier to delete and start over with no ties to each other.

Ease of convenience masked by deception to keep you tied in.  It keeps you dependent on the system.

After I extracted myself, I gathered all my contacts and shot this email.  I said good bye to Facebook and all its associations.

Dear friends and family,

As you may now discover, I have deactivated my Facebook account.  I am taking a break from this social media.

If you need to get a hold of me, you know how to do so.

I wish you the best.

For someone who is social media savvy, this was one of the first things to go to simplify my life.  The quiet calm that follows and the knowledge that I am not sucked into the mass hysteria media coverage is rather nice.

I don’t miss it.  If I truly wanted to find out what is going on in the world, I will pick up a paper, magazine, turn on the news and listen.

Oh and by the way, I don’t have a television in my home.  Haven’t had one in almost a decade.  Yes, I’m one of those people.


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