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Sand Castles in the Sky – Coos Bay, Oregon

These are the dreams that movies are made of.  I am imagining Howl’s Moving Castle as it glides gracefully across the sand dunes effortlessly on pneumatic legs.

Imagine if you can, the skies are littered with zeppelins and motorized flying machines.  Clouds resembling dragons.  This is what I see when I look up.


While it has taken millions of year for these majestic rolling hills to form, it takes but a few minutes to climb to the top to realize that you are but a grain in the sand. The sand buggies that zip around the hills are tiny, busy ants scurrying around the hillside and any moment, could be swallowed up by the spice worms (oh wait, another movie reference :D). img_2155

A quick drive up the highway and we were watching the waves roll out and a storm quickly roll in.

One of the most remarkable things you can find on the beach is the debris of sea kelp whips left behind when the tide goes out. They are reminders that once vibrant and green kelp can whither away and dry up without water.  They are a fragile reminder that life and death hangs in a balance.










And even the smallest things can be a precious reminder that life blooms from tiny beginnings.



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