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The coming of the zombie apocalypse

Yes, the Donald won. And what keeps going over and over in my head is this.  We can not let fear overtake us.  Fear that we will submit to the hoard and allow fear to dictate common sense and overall sense of humanity and goodness.

A while back, I took a short break from one of the biggest social media hydras to take over the Internet.  Facebook. I unplugged from the social media giant to find my bearings and re-evaluate and check in with myself.  I found myself mesmerized with daily and hourly posts of my Facebook friends and groups that I had joined, to keep up to date with the latest outcry of injustice.

I found myself posting and reposting news that I found important to share and provided my own take on what was going on.  I had found myself among the throngs of other Facebook users, following the hoard.  The zombie media hoard.  I found myself wondering what the hell was going on.

I asked myself what in the name of humanity had become of common sense and decency?  Friends turning on friends, family members unfriending each other over who was right and who was wrong.

In the end, everyone is the loser in the zombie apocalypse.

So I took a break.  Took a step back and learned to breathe again.  I asked myself what was important. I asked myself if any of this mattered at the end of the day.

I have taken up reiki healing as part of my year of change.  This is my year of change.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  I needed to heal from myself.  Years of battling through shit that I didn’t need to carry around anymore.  I started to unbuckle from life.  Started to take a hard look at what needed to be discarded and what needed to be kept.  And I found myself breathing deeper and sleeping deeper.  My dreams became more vivid and lucid.  I found my dream life again.

When I did log back into Facebook, I started unfollowing people, and yes, even unfriending them as well.  I started to take a hard look at the people I called community and questioned their motive and intentions.

Today, I occasionally peek at the media swarm on Facebook but I don’t react.  I read and observe.  I am more reserved these days.  Except for the crazy cat lady group that I belong to.  That is for sheer fun and giddiness.  There is no politics involved.  We are all crazy cat ladies regardless of political leanings, gender or ethnicity. We embrace the inner crazy cat lady.

I am finding I have more time to take care of myself.  Take care of my house.  Talk to my friends.  I mean really talk.  I am able to close my eyes and hear my breathing.  Hear my heart beating.  Hear the sound of the birds outside, the leaves rustling in the morning.  There is no anti-Trump propaganda churning out catchy demonstration slogans.  There is no pro Trump media hype yelling profanities and spewing hate and violence.

There is just me and the ability to close my eyes and breathe deeply.  Sleep deeply.  Reflect my dreams and know exactly what my subconscious is trying to tell me.

Live and live and live again. Spring is around the corner and the blossoms will be jutting out from dead tree leaves. Life happens after death. A continuous and glorious cycle.


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