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Paying attention to signs- on the road

I have been dealing with random vertigo and head pressure for the last few months.  No clear medical diagnosis except this may be from residual sinus and or ear infection.  What I do know is that some change is going on with my body.  Both physical and emotional.  What I do know now is this.  My body is telling me something clear and profound.  Pay attention to what is gong on around me.  Pay attention to the signs that are being displayed around me.

I consider these road signs to life.  Just like the signs that you see to turn left or be aware of sharp turns, these road signs to life are prominently displayed by pattern recognition, deja vu or in my case, by vertigo.

We are on a weekend getaway to Whidbey Island.  My husband and I share a love of road traveling. Small towns and road trips.  This time it is up at Whidbey Island.  33 miles north of Seattle, WA.  We are in his old stomping grounds.  I am attracted to this neck of the woods for a various reasons.  South Whidbey is home to Earth Sanctuary .

I recently took up reiki healing with a Reiki counselor a few weeks ago.  This is my attempt to come to terms with changes in my life which also includes resolving negative conflict and spiritual growth. This is what I am aiming for.  A slow and deliberate change within.  

The reason why I am writing this down is that I feel something very profound is going to happen this year.  Whether I want it to happen or not, I am growing.  Changing.  Metamorphosis.  An extension of what I’ve been working on all these years and it will solidify what I’ve known quietly inside me.  It’s time to embrace this change.

We are eating breakfast at this local breakfast spot in town called Braeburn Cafe.


We are eating breakfast and another bout of vertigo hits me.  It comes in waves.  Like a sneaky and silent sneeze.  I am trying to focus on my husband’s words as he is talking with me.  I can’t seem to quite look at him as the pattern in the bench that he is sitting at is pulsating behind him.  Wave after wave of nausea is blinding my eyes and the only thing I can do is close my eyes and try to breathe through these.

I am not sure what causes this to happen or what triggers them, only that I have to just buckle down and ride it out.

Finally the last wave of nausea subsides and I noticed something about the pattern on the bench.  I recognize the flower pattern as the Tibetan dorje.
IMG_2331   IMG_2332

This symbol represents firmness and power of spirit; a symbol for the nature of reality, or sunyata, indicating endless creativity, potency, and skillful activity.  The shape of the Dorje symbolizes the two forms of truth, relative and absolute. It also represents compassion.

I feel that this journey that I am currently on is about finding my true north.  Through the act of compassion and kindness, I will achieve this.

For now, the vertigo has been an indicator to lead me in that direction.  I also know that I need to listen to my body and yes, I will see a doctor about this.  I’m not that naive in thinking that this medical issue will go away by itself.


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