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Acorn squash and Roasted Beets – Getting Back to the Basics

The thing about dealing with fatty liver disease is this.  You are always hungry yet you can’t eat the things you want. Your stomach is on strike and even if you did eat what you wanted, your body is now going to complain majorly.  You have two strikes against you.

So you do the next best thing.  You look at ways of reversing the symptoms and hopefully reversing the disease.

How this all started goes back to years of NSAIDs consumption due to hip and joint pain.  There are other factors that also played into this but that is primarily the culprit.

So I am almost 50 yrs old and I am living with fatty liver disease.  I am aggressively looking at ways to reverse this without the dependency of further drugs.  I am looking at food as my medicine.

I am getting back to the basics of healthy food as my way to recovery.

What I learned is this.  I can’t eat heavy foods such as meats and fats without feeling nauseous and bloated.  I can however eat vegetables but only in small quantities.

So this blog is about what I have discovered and learned that works and what doesn’t.  My hope is that others who read this will gain insight and inspiration to better health.

Tonight’s meal of acorn squash and roasted beets sand carrots was first given to me by my husband a few weeks back.

The main thing that I am learning how to do is not categorize food as set recipes.  Squash doesn’t always have to accompany turkey at Thanksgiving just as beets don’t always have to be in salads.

It’s time for me to think outside the culinary box!

This recipe is stupidly easy to make and takes about 50 minutes to bake.

Preheat oven to 400

Cut up beets and carrots. Marinade in olive oil, thyme and salt and pepper. I also added some cayenne peppers.  Wrap in tin foil and place down on baking tray.

Cut acorn squash in half and toss out seeds and guts.  Smother inside with butter.  Place face down on baking tray.

What I also discovered is this, beets are loaded with antioxidants and properties to help liver function.  Who knew that these root vegetables were a powerhouse of vitamins and energy boosters!  Take that vitamin supplements and prescription medicine.

I’m not advocating not using modern medicine.  If you need heart medication, by all means, take it.  What I am supporting is finding additional methods that will aid in your recovery and health.

Here are some articles that I found to help support this.

Squash helps boosts the immune system and helps regulate blood sugar.

11 Amazing Benefits of Beets

Beets Nutritional Heatlh

7 Incremental Benefits of Acorn Squash

Acorn Squash Nutritional Health

The thing is this, looking at food as medicine also means relearning how to see food differently.  The nutritional value and what will please the taste palate.




2 thoughts on “Acorn squash and Roasted Beets – Getting Back to the Basics

  1. It is so easy to get sidetracked by the easy flavor equation of meat that we forget just how amazing vegetables are. Simple green leaves carry the flavors of most of the spices we know. Mushrooms can create much of the mouth-feel and complex flavor of a meat dish.

    More, though, is to step back, away from the easy route of expectation, and taste what we are eating! A carrot is a carrot, until you stop and focus on the carrot. Chew it with intention, experience what it does as you chew it, how the flavor changes as it mixes with saliva. All food does this, but we don’t pay attention enough.


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